Welcome to the California Environmental Water Network

Building a community of environmental water practitioners.

About the California Environmental Water Network

Our big purpose

We are a diverse community of environmental water practitioners working to restore the freshwater ecosystems upon which people and nature rely throughout California. We have come together to share our collective skills and learn from one another’s lived experience.  Our goal is to share knowledge that will advance streamflow enhancement projects and strengthen our collective skills while removing the barriers that limit our ability to do this work in the communities that would most benefit from it, and on the landscapes where it can make the greatest impact. 

Who are we?

The "we" includes you and your organizations working on-the-ground to preserve, protect and enhance natural ecosystems across the California.  This Network is hosted by the California Salmon and Steelhead Coalition- a strategic partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited and California Trout

What can this Network do for me?

We recognize that implementing flow restoration projects is complex, takes time and often requires a unique set of technical skills.  We also understand that many of the organizations already working on-the-ground in their communities are at capacity and the idea of developing a new program (especially if it involves water rights) can feel overwhelming.

As a Network we can...

Connect you with others working across the State on restoring flows instream by working in collaboration with local stakeholders.  

Create a place where fellow environmental flow practitioners can learn from one another’s collective experiences, share tools and resources and access the latest information on environmental flows in California. 

Build technical skills by learning from subject matter experts and connecting you with fellow practitioners who have experience implementing  environmental flow projects. 

As a Network, work to simplify, clarify and streamline processes in order to accelerate the rate and scale at which this work can occur on the ground.

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Sonoma Land Trust is just now beginning to develop our strategy around enhancing flows in our geography.  This type of work is so new to us and we’re learning as we go.  Having a resource like this not only helps us build our technical skills but provides us with a space where we can brainstorm solutions to challenges that we encounter on the ground.”  Sara Press, Land Acquisition Program Manager- Sonoma Land Trust

“I’ve been doing flow enhancement work in isolation in my rural community for almost 10 years. I’m limited on how much time and resources I can invest in traveling to conferences or other parts of the State to learn from others. This Network is exactly what I need to grow my expertise, stay up to date on new innovative approaches to solving complex water problems and feel connected and supported by a community of my peers.” Preston Harris, Executive Director- Scott River Water Trust

So if you are currently working to restore flows to California’s streams and rivers, interested in building your flow program or support those that do this important work- join now!